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DevOps Strategy And Architect

DevOps is culture, process, technology and people. The DevOps strategy merges many disciplines into a cohesive set of organizing principles. DevOps is a new way of delivering IT systems that promises faster delivery and higher quality. Using both lean and agile methodologies organizations bring IT operations, development teams and quality assurance people together throughout the software lifecycle to create a more collaborative process that, in the end, intends to deliver software and/or services in a faster and more continuous manner. Traditionally, elements of IT have been siloed. DevOps aims to break down those silos to get everyone working towards the same shared goal. Manatee IT has the experience you seek when moving your organization to a DevOps model. It isn’t easy, but from assessment and transformation to cloud migration, Manatee IT helps organizations develop a strategic roadmap to achieve success with their DevOps initiative.

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